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Customizing Alfresco Share configuration items

This section describes how to customize Alfresco Share configuration items.
A number of options are available to customize Alfresco Share. Many of these mechanisms are provided by the underlying Surf platform, therefore a knowledge of Surf is useful for anyone wishing to implement substantial customizations.
To configure the Share application, you can edit the custom configuration file named share-config-custom.xml.sample. Note that is possible to have multiple configuration files packaged in JARs or AMPs, that is, each JAR or AMP can have its own share-config-custom.xml.
Note: If you are overriding a configuration section, you must apply the replace="true" attribute to replace the existing Alfresco configuration.
  1. Open the following file:


  2. Uncomment any <config> items that you want to enable.
  3. Add any <config> items that you want to include.
  4. Save the edited file without the .sample extension.

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