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A site is a project area where you can share content and collaborate with other site members.

Any user can create a site. The site creator becomes the Site Manager by default, though additional or alternate managers can be added after this.

Each site has a visibility setting that marks the site as public or private. This setting controls who can see the site and how users become site members. The options are:

All users can view the content but only site members can work with the content.
Any user can join the site.
Public — Moderated
All users can access the site but only site members can see and work with the content.
Users must make a request to join the site.
Only site members can access the site.
Users must receive an invitation to join the site.

The manager of any site—whether public or private—can choose to send invitations to users they think might be interested in joining. However, for private sites, sending invitations is the only way a manager can acquire site members.

Use the Sites menu on the toolbar to:

  • create a new site
  • open the Site Finder page to search for sites
  • navigate to any site marked as a favorite
  • mark the current site as a favorite (must be in a site)

Once you belong to a site you can remove yourself at any time.