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Tracing the caches

This task describes how to trace the repository caches.
  1. To output detailed Ehcache usage information, set the following logging category to DEBUG:


  2. To target specific caches, you can append the cache name or package, for example:

  3. Open to the <configRoot>\alfresco\scheduled-jobs-context.xml file.
  4. Locate the following bean:


    Override this bean to change the trigger schedule.

  5. Uncomment the scheduler property to activate the trigger.

    When ehCacheTracerJob is triggered, the job will collect detailed cache usage statistics and output them to the log/console, depending on how logging has been configured for the server.

  6. To ensure that caches use statistics, set the statistics property for all caches.


    Use the cluster cache sample file or copy the default cache configuration file into the <extensions> directory.