The Alfresco One API

The Alfresco One API lets you access content in an on-premise Alfresco repository, and in Alfresco cloud, from your own applications. The API is RESTful, which means each call is an HTTP request, so you don't even need a programming language to try it out. You can just type a URL address in a web browser. It consists of two parts, the standard CMIS API, which lets you manage and access content, and the new Alfresco One REST API which lets you manage Alfresco's additional features such as ratings and comments, that are not covered by the CMIS standard.

All you need to get started is access to an instance of Alfresco or an Alfresco Cloud account. Once you have that, you can try out API calls using:

You make API requests by sending a URL using one of five HTTP API methods, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and OPTIONS. Here's an example:-

Sending this URL using the HTTP GET method invokes the sites Alfresco Public RESTFul method. This call requests information on the site with the id The server will return an HTTP response with the following JSON body :-

      "title":"Fred Blogg's Home",
      "description":"Fred Blogg's private home site.",


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