Editing content in Google Docs

The Edit in Google Docs action is available for any library item that can be edited in Google Docs. Common document, presentation, and spreadsheet formats are supported.
  1. Hover over an item in the library and click More then Edit in Google Docs.
    If prompted, authorize Alfresco to access your Google Docs account.
    If you previously locked the item for editing and are returning to it, you'll have the action Resume Editing in Google Docs.
    The item opens in Google Docs. It will be locked in the Alfresco library so that other users can't edit it while you're working on it. The item stays locked until you either discard or save your changes.
  2. Edit the content.
    At any time, you can:
    • Click Discard Changes to return to the library without saving the document.
    • Click the < icon next to the Alfresco logo to return to the library. Your content is saved to Google Docs but not to the Alfresco library. The content item stays locked in the library until you edit it in Google Docs to either save or discard your changes.
  3. Click Save to Alfresco when you're done.
  4. On the Version Information dialog box, indicate if the revision is major or minor, then add any information that might be relevant to the updates you made.
  5. Click OK.
    This saves the item to Alfresco, closes Google Docs, and returns you to the library. The item is now unlocked.
    See at Troubleshooting Google Docs for more on working with Google Docs in Alfresco.


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