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Creating content

You use the HTTP POST command to create, update, and delete content from a repository. In an application a user would use an HTML form in a browser.

You use the cmisaction element to control the action. So for example to create a document you would set cmisaction=createDocument.

You define other CMIS properties as form elements for example: propertyId[0]… propertyValue[0].

You define the content stream for a create or an update using the file input form element:

<input id="content” type="file”

The form shows an example of a document create command:

<form id="cd1" action="http://localhost:8080/alfresco/api/…" method="post">
  <td><label for="name">Name:</label></td>
  <td><input name="propertyValue[0]" type="text" id="name”/></td>
  <td><input id="content" name="Browse" type="file" height="70px" size="50"/></td>
  <input id="cd" type="submit" value="Create Document"/></td>
  <input name="propertyId[0]" type="hidden" value="cmis:name" />
  <input name="propertyId[1]" type="hidden" value="cmis:objectTypeId" />
  <input name="propertyValue[1]" type="hidden" type="text" id="typeId" value="cmis:document"/> </td>
  <input name="cmisaction" type="hidden" value="createDocument" />

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