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What's new in Alfresco Content Services

See what's new in this Alfresco Content Services 6.0 release.

The major focus of Alfresco Content Services 6.0 is on significant architecture improvements and a new deployment process based on Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm.

You can follow our latest updates at Alfrescodocs.

Containerized deployment

Alfresco Content Services 6.0 now provides more flexible deployment options including Docker and Kubernetes for fast and standardized deployments across all environments. This includes:
  • Alfresco Repository
    • Including transformations and many more
  • Alfresco Search Services (Solr 6)
  • Alfresco Share

A docker-compose file is provided for testing and development purposes. Helm charts are provided to act as security-scanned and tested deployment examples. Customers can use the charts following the documentation for standard installations or customize the charts to apply settings as appropriate to the specific deployment environment.

You'll find extensive documentation in our Alfresco Content Services Deployment project in GitHub.

With the introduction of containerized deployment, the Deploying section in the documentation replaces Installing.

See Deploying for more.

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Code organization

The top-level entry-point for building Alfresco Content Services (Enterprise) has been moved to the Alfresco Content Services Packaging project in GitHub. Enterprise customers are able to build the artifacts from scratch provided you have access to the Alfresco Nexus repository (enterprise-releases).

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Upgraded integrations

Alfresco Content Services 6.0 is a major version, which introduces some changes that require new releases of all modules. To upgrade to Alfresco Content Services 6.0, you'll also need to update any of the module artifacts to which you're entitled.

See Supported Platforms for more.

Library upgrades

A number of underlying third-party libraries have been updated in both the repository and Share.

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An updated version of the REST API Explorer is provided to navigate the new REST APIs.

See the online REST API Explorer for more.

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Anonymous usage metrics via Heartbeat

Alfresco Content Services sends anonymous usage metrics to Alfresco through the Heartbeat service. We use this anonymous information to help understand the usage of our products and to better meet the needs of your organization.

See Alfresco Heartbeat for more.

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Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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