Alfresco Analytics 1.1

With Alfresco Analytics you have complete visibility over your Alfresco sites, users, and content.

You can easily access and blend data from Alfresco to gain valuable insights, and make information-driven decisions.

Alfresco captures specific events that occur, such as user activity or new content, and then mines that information so that reports can be created.

Alfresco Analytics provides advanced reporting capabilities, with both pre-defined (or canned) and custom reports. Business analysts can define exactly what information they want reported on, and reports can be either kept private or made visible to all users of specified Alfresco sites.

Pre-defined reports are aimed at users and content creators, displaying a range of interactive reports that show, for example, the most active users or hot content.

Custom reports are aimed at business analysts. Custom report generation utilizes drag-and-drop functionality, and with an extensive range of report types, you can build highly-tailored reports for your specific requirements. Custom reports can be viewed on a user or site dashboard.

Analytics dashlets

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