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Using Alfresco Analytics

With Alfresco Analytics you can use and create reports that give full visibility over content and activities in Alfresco.

There are a range of reports that can give oversight of anything from the most active Alfresco users, to the content that's currently hot in a particular site.

Reports are split into two categories, My Reports and Site Reports.

My Reports - Analytics across the whole of Alfresco. Available by adding them to your Alfresco Dashboard.

Site Reports - Analytics on a specified site. Can be seen by any Alfresco user who's a member of a site which has them added to its site dashboard.

If you're a member of the new Business Analyst group, then you can also create your own custom reports, so that you can really drill down into Alfresco to find the information that's important to your business.

What you can do with Alfresco Analytics depends on your Alfresco user role. Speak to your Alfresco Administrator for more details.

Business Analyst

(Users who are members of the ANALYTICS_ADMINISTRATORS or ANALYTICS_BUSINESS_ANALYSTS user groups.)

  • Add all existing My Reports to your Alfresco dashboard
  • Add Site Reports to any site dashboard that you're a site manager of
  • Create new My Reports and Site Reports

Standard Alfresco user

  • Add some of the existing My Reports to your Alfresco dashboard
  • View Site Reports added to a site dashboard that you're a member of, and interact with them as shown below.

For each report, any user that can see it can:
  • Select the period you want to view data for
  • Export the report in Excel format (and in PDF for custom reports)
  • Hover over a report segment to view more details
  • Click on a segment and choose to Keep Only that segment on display or to Exclude it from display - click Refresh icon in the dashlet to clear the selection (available for custom reports only)

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