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Connecting to Alfresco from a Mac (Mac users)

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac connects to OneDrive to access your Alfresco files.
If you have Microsoft Office 365, you can download Office 2016 (Desktop edition). Your subscription is connected to your Microsoft email account.
  1. When you open Word, for example, click your initials in File Options to see your account email, and your connected services.
  2. Click Open to see where you can open files. For example, you automatically have access to OneDrive to sync your files to your computer.
  3. Click + to add a new service. You can map to a SharePoint drive by the SharePoint AOS URL, for example:

  4. You can then browse your Alfresco files in the same way that Windows users can access them from Windows Explorer.

Alternatively, for earlier versions of Office, Microsoft Document Connection can be used to access Alfresco files. You'll find it with the rest of your Microsoft Office apps in your Applications folder.
Note: You can only connect to Alfresco One or Alfresco Community, not Alfresco Cloud.
Note: Document Connection is not shipped with Microsoft Office 2016, so can only be used with earlier versions of Microsoft Office.
  1. If you are using Microsoft Office 2016, and do not have OneDrive, see Microsoft OneDrive for information about how to enable this.
  2. If you are using earlier versions of Office, you can set up Microsoft Document Connection.

    Click Document Connection on the Mac toolbar then Preferences.

  3. Select Enable Basic authentication then close the Preferences screen.
  4. Click Add Location in Document Connection then Connect to a SharePoint site.
  5. Enter the Alfresco address then click Connect.

    To connect with Alfresco the URL needs to end in "/alfresco/aos", so if your Alfresco address is

    then you'd enter

    You can enter URLs that are specific to a site, folder, or file, for example,
    • Site or folder-specific URL - browse through the site or folder to find the file you want
    • File-specific URL - open the file directly
  6. Enter your Alfresco User name and Password and click Connect.

    Note: Click Continue if you see a further message about encrypted passwords.

    This connection is remembered by Document Connection for future use.

    You'll now see all the folders at the top level of your Alfresco repository, and you can drill-down through sites to all your files.

    You can use the Document Connector to read, add, and check files in and out, and even drag and drop them from your desktop or from Finder.

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