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What's new in Alfresco

At Alfresco we're always thinking up new ways to help you work simpler and smarter. See what we've been up to below, and follow our latest updates at Alfrescodocs.

May 2016

Unzip content right in Alfresco

You can now unzip .zip and .acp files to add their contents to a folder in Alfresco.

So there's no longer any need to download a zip file to see it's contents, you can do it right there in Alfresco.

See Unzipping content for more.

Improved Get Started panel

We found that many users wanted the old dashboard Welcome banner to be different - it took up too much space so they deleted it, but once it was gone they couldn't get it back again.

We've shrunk down the new Get Started panel so it takes up minimal space on your screen. You can use it to link straight to our help videos. And like before you can hide it, only now you also have the option to add it back again.

See Customizing your dashboard for more.

Clearer edit buttons

There's now a standardized set of edit buttons in Alfresco, so it's clear what action you're about to perform.
  • Edit in Alfresco
  • Edit in Microsoft Office
  • Edit in Google Docs
  • Edit Offline

Improved site labeling

When you create a site in Alfresco you have the option of making it Public, Moderated, or Private. When users are in a site though it wasn't immediately clear if they were putting up restricted content somewhere that everyone could see it.

Now all sites are labeled with their privacy setting so you have clear visibility of who else will be seeing the content you add.

Grouped actions in the file preview

We've sorted the actions in the file preview into sensible groups, so it's easy to quickly find the action that you're looking for.

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March 2015

New Google Docs integration

Alfresco Google Docs integration has been updated because of recent changes made by Google APIs. This integration fixes some of the issues that were caused by the Google Docs user interface. For example, the Share button is now available within Docs, Sheets, or Slides. After opening the document in the appropriate Google app, use the Share button to collaborate with others.

If your browser asks you to allow popups for Google Docs when you're opening or creating a file then go ahead and do so. If you're using Safari you won't be able to use Google Docs until you enable all popups in the settings, so for security reasons you may prefer to use a different browser.

See Creating Google Docs files for more.

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January 2015

New create file options

Want to quickly create an HTML, XML, or text file, right in Alfresco? Sure, no problem.

See Creating files for more.

Customize your site with new Alfresco site features

Alfresco One has great features that you can add to a site including calenders, blogs, wikis, and discussion forums. These features are now available in Alfresco in the Cloud, opening up so many new ways of working with your colleagues.

See Customizing a site and Alfresco site features for more.

New dashlets

To accompany the new site features are a number of new dashlets. Add these to your user or site dashboards to keep track of forum discussions, upcoming events, and more.
User dashlets:
  • My Discussions
  • My Calendar
Site dashlets:
  • Wiki
  • Site Calendar
  • Site Data Lists
  • Site Links
  • My Discussions​

See User dashboard and Site dashboard for more.

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July 2014

Quick site access

You can now access your sites quicker than ever from anywhere in Alfresco with the addition of a My Sites link from the toolbar. Just click Sites on the Alfresco toolbar then My Sites to see all the sites that you're a member of.

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June 2014

Search updates

Searching in Alfresco just took a giant leap forwards with live search and filtered search.

New search-as-you-type functionality displays results for matching files, sites, and people as you type. Select a result or press Enter to see the full list of results.

Search features

See Searching in Alfresco for more.

Security by default

When we're busy it's easy to miss selecting an option, and when you're setting up a new Alfresco site the consequences of this can include exposing restricted content to everyone.

All new Alfresco sites are now private by default, unless you select otherwise, giving you one less security issue to worry about.

Site privacy options

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April 2014

New HTML5 Previewer

Alfresco's new previewer renders your content with crystal-clear clarity. There's no need to download content now, you can view it perfectly, right in Alfresco. You can even run your presentations direct from the Alfresco preview.

When you preview a Microsoft Office, PDF, or other text-based file type (not an image or video) you can send links to your colleagues or customers to a specific page, save a page to come back to later, and even search for text within the file.

And of course if you want to you can always download the file in its original format, or as a PDF.

See Viewing an item for more.

Updates to Search

Alfresco's Search is now quicker than ever, and searching in Alfresco now finds all related content in your Alfresco network, not just content of the site you're currently in, giving you super-quick access to everything.

And Alfresco now actively focuses your search. Previously when you searched for content in Alfresco using multiple words, the results would show content containing any of the words. Now it only shows content containing all the words. So the more words you search for, the more specific the results, just like Google. See Searching in Alfresco for more.

New Sites Manager feature for Network Admins

As an Alfresco Administrator you want to have complete control of your network. You want visibility of all the sites in your network, and the ability to control individual site visibility, to make yourself a manager of specific sites, and to delete obsolete sites. Now, with the new Sites Manager, you can.

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February 2014

New Document Library views and layout

There's several new viewing options to choose from in the Document Library. You can view images in fine detail using the sumptuous Filmstrip View, or you can really drill-down into content detail with the Table View. These are available under the new Options menu which has consolidated various Document Library features into a single menu. You can even specify a default view that applies to a folder. See here for more.

User Trashcan

We've all deleted something by accident and had to go and ask our system administrator to help us get it back. Now when you delete items they go into your own user trashcan where you can easily retrieve them yourself if you need them back.

Control your activity notification emails

You're probably a member of multiple Alfresco sites, and don't need to receive updates on activity in all of them. You can now opt out of updates on a site by site basis, so you only receive the information that matters.

November 2013

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Hybrid workflow

You can now start a workflow in an on-premise site which automatically syncs content to a cloud site and triggers a cloud-based task. The cloud user completes the task just like any other tasks they might be assigned. See Managing tasks.

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August 2013

New look and feel

The first thing you’ll see when you open Alfresco is a brand new look. We've cleaned it up and made a few changes to help you focus on what's important.

New layout

We've decluttered, and relocated a few of the actions to the handy new settings icon Settings icon. This is available at both site and user dashboard level.

We've also moved the Dashboard, Document Library, and Members links to the right-hand side of Alfresco. Our design guys tell us that because of clever things that are happening in your brain, this is more natural, so you'll work more smoothly and effectively.

And check out the new quick links in the Sites menu...

New Sites menu

There's lots of other subtle changes that we'll let you discover for yourself, though many of them are so intuitive you might not realize that anything's changed!

Take a look at our updated videos to see more.

Advanced search

Searching in Alfresco comes of age ...

You can now search for content on a whole range of criteria including the item type, the date that content was last modified, or who modified it, or even whether the content you want to find is a folder or a specific item.

Just double-click Advanced Search icon in the search field then click Advanced Search and away you go.

New Site Notice dashlet

Tell your colleagues what's new in your site, and quickly share important news company-wide.

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