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Installing Alfresco for Salesforce

Alfresco for Salesforce is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.
You can install it in your live environment or in a sandbox area.
  1. Click here to view the app details in the Salesforce AppExchange.

    Note: You can also get the app from the Japanese language app exchange.
  2. Click Get it Now to download it.

    Note: If you aren't logged into the AppExchange you'll need to login first.
  3. Select to Install in production or Install in sandbox environment.

    Selecting Install in production will install Alfresco for Salesforce to your live Salesforce environment.

  4. Confirm you've read the terms and conditions then click Confirm and Install.

    Note: You might be prompted to re-enter your Salesforce login details.

    The Package Installation Details screen displays showing Alfresco for Salesforce details including the package name, version name, version number, the publisher name, description of the application, and the package components.

  5. Click Continue.
  6. In the Approve Third-Party Access screen select Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites and click Continue.
  7. Click Next in the Approve Package API Access screen.
  8. Select the Grant access to admins only option in the Choose security level screen.
  9. Click Next, then on the next screen click Install.

    After a few seconds the Install Complete screen displays confirming that Alfresco for Salesforce is now installed.

    From here you can choose to View Components, View Dependencies, or Uninstall.

This video shows you how to install Alfresco for Salesforce.

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