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Assigning Alfresco for Salesforce permissions

Alfresco for Salesforce has two different sets of permissions so you can set individual users as admins or users.
Users cannot use Alfresco for Salesforce until you have assigned them permissions. The two permission sets are:
  • Alfresco Cloud Document Management Admin: Users with this set of permissions can access the Alfresco Administration tab to connect to an organization or to a specific Alfresco site. Only users with these permissions can configure Alfresco for Salesforce.
  • Alfresco Cloud Document Management User: Users with this set of permissions can attach documents to Salesforce records such opportunities and accounts and have these documents stored in Alfresco.
  1. Click Setup on your Salesforce dashboard.
  2. In the Administer area click the > icon next to Manage Users.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Click on the Full Name of the user you want to set permissions for.
  5. Click Permission Set Assignments then Edit Assignments.
  6. Select the permissions you want the user to have in the Available Permissions Sets column, then click the Add arrow to add it to the Enabled Permission Sets.
  7. Click Save.

    The users Personal Information screen is now shown, where you can check the permissions assigned in the Permission Set Assignments area.

    You need to repeat these steps for all users who'll be working with Alfresco for Salesforce.

This video shows you how to assign Alfresco for Salesforce permissions.

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