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Configuring Alfresco for Salesforce

Before you can use Alfresco for Salesforce you need to set up Salesforce to use your Alfresco account.
  1. Click the Alfresco tab on your Salesforce dashboard toolbar.
  2. Click Authenticate.
  3. Enter your Alfresco login details; the email address and password you use for your Alfresco account.

    Tip: You're connecting to your Alfresco in the Cloud account, not an Alfresco on-premise account. You must have an Alfresco in the Cloud account to use Alfresco for Salesforce.
  4. Click Allow.

    The Admin Console shows the default document types that can be used in Alfresco for Salesforce. You can add to these as required.

  5. From the Site menu select the Alfresco site where Salesforce attachments will be stored.

    You can select any Alfresco site that you're a member of.

    Tip: By default when attachments are added to a record, a new folder will be created in Alfresco with the same name as the record, and the attachment will be stored there. You can use Alfresco rules to control how your content is managed in Alfresco.
  6. Click Save.
This video shows you how to configure Alfresco for Salesforce.

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