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Adding Alfresco page layouts

The last thing you need to do so your users can use Alfresco for Salesforce is to add Alfresco for Salesforce functionality to page layouts.
You can add Alfresco for Salesforce functionality to Accounts, Cases, Contracts, and Opportunities page layouts. This is done by setting Alfresco for Salesforce example page layouts as the default for selected user profiles.
  1. Click Setup on your Salesforce dashboard.
  2. In the Build area click the > icon next to Customize.
  3. Click the > icon next to the page type you want to add Alfresco for Salesforce functionality to (Accounts, Cases, Contracts, or Opportunities), then click Page Layouts.

    Note: You'll see the available page layouts, including the Alfresco for Salesforce example.
  4. Click Page Layout Assignment, then click Edit Assignment.
  5. Click on a user profile then from the Page Layout To Use menu select the Alfresco for Salesforce Example.

    You can repeat this step to apply the page layout to multiple profiles.

  6. When you're done, click Save.
Now when users of the selected profiles work with the page type (Accounts, Cases, Contracts, and Opportunities) you modified they'll be able to use Alfresco for Salesforce functionality.
Note: These page layouts can be modified in the same way as you'd modify any other Salesforce page layouts.
This video shows you how to add Alfresco page layouts.

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