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Administering Desktop Sync FAQs

Here's a list of common questions about Desktop Sync.

Does Desktop Sync support Alfresco Records Management?

No, this version of Desktop Sync does not support Alfresco Records Management.

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Does Desktop Sync support Smart Folders?

No, this version of Desktop Sync does not support Smart Folders.

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What tools can I use to validate the relative states of the MQ/synchronization server/Desktop Sync data/Alfresco data and the existing sync sets?

To bring the synchronization service and Alfresco repository in sync, see Backing up and restoring Desktop Sync. Currently, there are no tools that can validate this.

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What is the starting order of Desktop Sync?

The sequence in which different Desktop Sync components should be started is:
  1. Postgres
  2. ActiveMQ
  3. Alfresco repository (Share)
  4. Synchronization service

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In the event of a conflict, how do I resolve it?

The conflict resolution matrix describes how Desktop Sync handles sync conflicts.

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What authentication does Desktop Sync support?

Desktop Sync supports basic authentication. SAML SSO is currently not supported.

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How can I monitor ActiveMQ?

Access the ActiveMQ Web Console using http://<servername>:8161/admin/queues.jsp.
Make sure that the:
  • name of the subscriber corresponds to the synchronization service ID.
  • total number of Messages Enqueued is same as Messages Dequeued.

For detailed information, see How can I monitor ActiveMQ?

For information on ActiveMQ logging, see How do I change the logging.

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How can I monitor Desktop Sync and the synchronization service?

To monitor Desktop Sync, see Configuring Desktop Sync and for synchronization service, see synchronization service health check.

To get detailed logging information on synchronization service, change the logging level in the config.yml file as shown below:
 level: DEBUG
   "org.alfresco.service.common.auth": DEBUG
   "org.apache.activemq": DEBUG
   "com.sun.jersey.api.container.filter.LoggingFilter": WARN
   "org.alfresco.service": DEBUG
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What tools can I use if either the desktop or Alfresco needs to restored from a backup?

See Backing up and restoring Desktop Sync.

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