Alfresco Mobile SDK for Android

This section provides an introduction to the Android version of the Alfresco Mobile SDK.

The Alfresco Mobile SDK includes a set of APIs and samples that provides a facility for partners, customers and developers to develop applications that access Alfresco server functionality. Both on-premise and Cloud-based servers are supported, with support been included for servers from 3.4.x and above. This documentation describes the SDK targeted at the Android platform.

This SDK comprises the following:

  1. Client API
  2. SDK Samples application
  3. Asynchronous library
  4. User Interface library
  5. Sample extension
  6. HelloRepo example

The Client API provides a library that allows a developer to quickly incorporate the ability to access Alfresco and CMIS-compliant servers to their application.

The SDK Samples application provides an extensive example application that demonstrates how to use the Client API.

The Asynchronous library provides a set of loaders to allow asynchronous access to Alfresco services.

The User Interface library provides a collection of frequently used user interface fragments for the convenience of the developer.

The Sample extension demonstrates how to extend the SDK.

The HelloRepo application is a very minimal example demonstrating the basics of connecting to an Alfresco repository.

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