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Classes Overview

This topic lists the main classes that comprise the iOS Remote API.


Class Description
AlfrescoConstants The AlfrescoConstants class contains various useful constants.

File Manager

Class Description
AlfrescoFileManager The AlfrescoFileManager class exposes methods to perform file and directory operations.


Class Description
AlfrescoActivityEntry The AlfrescoActivityEntry class represents an activity in an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoComment The AlfrescoComment class represents a comment that is attached to a node in an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoContentFile The AlfrescoContentFile class is used for download/upload of content
AlfrescoContentStream The AlfrescoContentStream class is used for download/upload of content as a stream
AlfrescoDocument The AlfrescoDocument class represents a document in an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoFolder The AlfrescoFolder class represents a folder in an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoKeywordSearchOptions The AlfrescoKeywordSearchOptions class are used in Alfresco Search Service
AlfrescoListingContext The AlfrescoListingContext class can be used to specify paging values
AlfrescoListingFilter The AlfrescoListingFilter class can be used to specify filtering values for paged results
AlfrescoNode The AlfrescoNode class represents a node that is stored in the Alfresco repository
AlfrescoPagingResult The AlfrescoPagingResult class is used to return a paged result of a query against the repository
AlfrescoPermissions The AlfrescoPermissions class holds the doable actions for nodes (documents/folders)
AlfrescoPerson The AlfrescoPerson class represents a user in an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoProperty The AlfrescoProperty class represents a property that is associated with a specific node
AlfrescoRepositoryCapabilities The AlfrescoRepositoryCapabilities is used as a property on AlfrescoRepositoryInfo
AlfrescoRepositoryInfo The AlfrescoRepositoryInfo class holds the information for a specific Alfresco repository
AlfrescoSearchLanguage The AlfrescoSearchLanguage enum specifies the search language used.
AlfrescoSite The AlfrescoSite class represents a site in an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoSiteVisibility The AlfrescoSiteVisibility enum is used to define whether a site is Public, Moderated or Private.
AlfrescoTag The AlfrescoTag class represents a tag applied to a document in the repository.
AlfrescoWorkflowProcess The AlfrescoWorkflowProcess class represents a workflow process.
AlfrescoWorkflowProcessDefinition The AlfrescoWorkflowProcessDefinition class represents a workflow process definition.
AlfrescoWorkflowTask The AlfrescoWorkflowTask class represents a workflow task.
Attention: In version 1.4 of the SDK numerous additions were made to the model, based around classes related to Model Definition and Config. For sake of brevity, these are not listed in the above table.


Class Description
AlfrescoActivityStreamService The AlfrescoActivityStreamService class provides various ways to retrieve an activity stream
AlfrescoCommentService The AlfrescoCommentService class manages comments on nodes in an Alfresco repository. The service provides CRUD methods to work with comments
AlfrescoConfigService The AlfrescoConfigService class manages all aspects of configuration.
AlfrescoDocumentFolderService The AlfrescoDocumentFolderService class manages folders and documents of an Alfresco repository. The service provides methods to retrieve documents and folders, but also provides methods to create and update documents and folders.
AlfrescoPersonService The AlfrescoPersonService class is used to obtain details about registered users
AlfrescoRatingService The AlfrescoRatingService class provides the facility to allow users to like and/or dislike nodes
AlfrescoSearchService The AlfrescoSearchService class is used to performs a search based on the search statement and given query language. Query language can be CMIS SQL. For this a valid CMIS SQL statement needs to be passed to the method. The alternative is to use a space delimited keyword string
AlfrescoSiteService The AlfrescoSiteService class provides various ways to retrieve sites from an Alfresco repository
AlfrescoTaggingService The AlfrescoTaggingService class provides various ways to retrieve tags and can add tags to a node in a Alfresco repository.
AlfrescoVersionService The AlfrescoVersionService class provides ways to get all versions of a specific document
AlfrescoWorkflowService The AlfrescoWorkflowService class provides ways to create and manage Activiti (and jBPM) workflows.


Class Description
AlfrescoCloudNetwork The AlfrescoCloudNetwork class exposes properties for cloud repositories.
AlfrescoCloudSession The AlfrescoCloudSession class exposes properties and methods for a connection to a cloud repository.
AlfrescoOAuthData The AlfrescoOAuthData class encapsulates OAuth data.
AlfrescoOAuthHelper The AlfrescoOAuthHelper class provides helper methods for dealing with OAuth data.
AlfrescoRepositorySession The AlfrescoRepositorySession class encapsulates methods to manipulate on-premise repository sessions.
AlfrescoSession The AlfrescoSession class is the parent class for sessions.


Class Description
AlfrescoRequest The AlfrescoRequest class exposes methods to manage a request, in particular to cancel a request in progress.
AlfrescoLog The AlfrescoLog class exposes methods to write various types of logging message.

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