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Configuring Outlook settings in Alfresco and Microsoft Outlook

Configure Outlook settings in Alfresco Share using the Share Admin Tools menu, in Microsoft Outlook using the Alfresco Client toolbar, or by editing configuration files directly.

In Alfresco Share, as an administrator, click Admin Tools on the Alfresco toolbar. In the left Tools panel, scroll down and under Email Client there are the following options for configuration:
  • Email Metadata Settings: custom metadata and list view settings
  • Email Integration Settings: server and client setup, upload restrictions and email settings
  • Email Access Tokens: view and remove active users
  • Email Licenses: view and register server and client licenses
  • Email System Info: view version, license, server and installed module information
Note: The URL is:
where localhost:8080 is your Alfresco server and port number.

On the Microsoft Outlook toolbar, there is an Alfresco Client tab, with the following entries:

Alfresco Outlook Client ribbon in Outlook
  • Configure: client configuration and license
  • Language: client display language
  • Show Sidebar: show the Alfresco repository window
  • Archive Directly: archive directly to a folder
  • Message Details: displays details of a selected archived email
  • Help: Link to Alfresco Outlook Client documentation
  • Info: version and copyright information
Note: Not all settings can be configured using the Alfresco Client toolbar.

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