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What's new in Alfresco Process Services

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For admins and developers

Process and content business models integration

Processes can automatically create or read Alfresco Content Services folders and metadata with no coding.

See Using folder entities in process applications for more.

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Import existing data models

You can now import data models from an existing data source such as a relational database schema or a content model.

See Importing data models for more.

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SSO and security improvements

Support for Enterprise SSO such that REST-based apps are now authorized and extensible through OAuth 2.

See OAuth 2 SSO overview for more.

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Secure scripting and bean whitelisting

Improved security has been provided through secure scripting. Advanced-control introduced on user-added code through bean whitelisting.

See Spring Beans for more.

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REST API Explorer and RAML support

The REST API Explorer is an interface that provides a best-in-class enterprise tooling for APIs. It documents all of the API entities available to you and lets you try them out.

See Using the REST API Explorer for more.

You can use the newly-introduced RAML file with popular REST API development tools.

See RAML support for more.

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Enhanced REST services

You can now make REST task post calls with support for POST body templates for complex requests.

See REST call for more.

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Improved Micro-service support

Docker Support with support for Kubernetes and ECS.

See Installing Process Services using Docker for more.

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Enhanced task collaboration

You can now extend task involvement to include groups of users.

See Using Involved Tasks for more.

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