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Browsing the File Plan

The File Plan consists of a left panel and a content item list.

The left panel shows the following functions:

A tree view of the records management hierarchy
File Plan
A temporary space for records in transition
Saved Searches
A list of the saved searches

The structure of the File Plan hierarchy reflects business functions and can be made up of the following elements:

Record category
The record category contains the retention and disposition instructions for its folders and records.
Record folder
A record folder is a space created in a record category, which inherits the attributes of the record category. The record folder is considered to be under the control of the record category. Once the record folder is created, security restrictions apply. A record folder can be open or closed. A closed record folder cannot accept records for filing.
A record is a document under the control of records management, which is filed in a record folder.
Vital record
A vital record is considered to be essential to the operation of an organization. A vital record must be reviewed on a periodic basis, which is defined in the review schedule. The review schedule is defined on the record category or folder.

The Breadcrumb Path beneath the banner shows your current position in the File Plan hierarchy. Each breadcrumb item is a link so you can easily return to any part of the current navigation path.

Use the sort menu to change the criteria used to sort the File Plan contents. You can toggle between ascending and descending sort order.