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Viewing a list

The Lists section of the browsing pane displays the data lists for the current site. Once you select a list to view you can apply filters to display specific list items within that list.
This task assumes you are viewing the data lists for the desired site.

The Items list in the browsing pane provides the following options for filtering the rows displayed in the current list:

Displays all list items
Recently Added
Displays the list items created in the past seven days
Recently Modified
Displays the list items modified in the past seven days
Created by Me
Displays the list items created by the current user
  1. In the browsing pane click the list you want to view.

    The main view displays the selected list in its entirety. Where the list contains more items than can be displayed on a single page, navigation links become enabled at the top and bottom of the list. The number in bold indicates your current page. Click a page number to display a specific page. Use the previous (<<) and next (>>) links to move forward and backward through multiple pages of items.

  2. Use the Previous and Next links, or select the desired page number to navigate between the pages of list items.
  3. In the Items list click the view representing the list items you want to display.

    The current list displays only the list items that correspond to the selection.

  4. In the table click a column headings to sort the results by that column.