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Viewing the Repository Descriptor

There are two Repository Descriptor pages.
The Repository Descriptor (Originally Installed) page shows the details about the Alfresco repository when it was originally installed.

The Repository Descriptor (Current) page shows the details about the Alfresco repository as they currently stand. The properties on this page are the same as on the Repository Descriptor (Originally Installed) page, but it shows the most current information.

These pages are for viewing only and cannot be edited.

  1. Open the Admin Console, and then click either:
    • Repository Descriptor (Originally Installed)
    • Repository Descriptor (Current)
  2. View the repository properties:

    General Information

    Property What is it?
    Id This shows the ID of the repository.
    Schema This shows the schema in use.

    The Version Information provides details about your Alfresco installation.

    Property What is it?
    Version This is the full version number in the format of major.minor.revision (build).
    Label This is version label.
    Major This is the major version number.
    Minor This is the minor version number.
    Revision This is the revision version number.
    Build This the build number.
    Number This is the version number of the release.