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Managing tenants

The default Alfresco administrator user has access to the default environment and can be considered to be a "super tenant". The administrator can manage tenants using the Tenant Administration Console.

  1. Log in to Alfresco as the admin user and access: http://localhost:8080/alfresco/faces/jsp/admin/tenantadmin-console.jsp
  2. Perform the following as required:
    1. To list all tenants and show their details, type show tenants.
    2. To show details for a single tenant, type show tenant <tenant domain>.

      This shows the status (for example, whether it is enabled or disabled) and the root content store directory.

    3. To create a tenant, type create <tenant domain> <tenant admin password> [<root contentstore dir>].

      For example, create l3tm31n /usr/tenantstores/zzz

      This creates an empty tenant. By default the tenant will be enabled. It will have an administrator user called admin@<tenant domain> with the supplied password. All users that the administrator creates can login using <username>@<tenant domain>. The root of the contentstore directory can be optionally specified. If it is not specified, or does not exist, the repository default root content store will be used (as specified by the dir.contentstore property). Specifying a unique content store root for each tenant is recommended to keep the tenants properly separated, for example, to allow the backup and restore of individual tenants.

    4. To enable a tenant, type enable <tenant domain>.

      This enables the tenant so that it is active and available for new logins.

    5. To disable a tenant, type disable <tenant domain>.

      This disables the tenant so that it is inactive and prevents tenant login.