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Using Alfresco from Microsoft Outlook

The Alfresco Outlook Client is part of Alfresco Outlook Integration and allows you to use email and repository management without having to leave Microsoft Outlook.

Features of Alfresco Outlook Integration 2.0 include the ability to directly archive emails into Alfresco, full metadata support, full search, tagging and workflow capabilities, and the ability to attach files and view archived emails in your inbox.
Note: Version 1 of Alfresco Outlook Integration is supported with Alfresco One 4.2.5 and earlier only, and has a reduced set of features. For example; advanced metadata support, sorting, paging and extended search capabilities are available in Alfresco Outlook Integration 2.0 only.

For more information about Alfresco Outlook Integration, see Alfresco Outlook Integration.

See Alfresco Outlook Integration 1.1 for previous releases of Outlook Integration.