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Uploading new versions

You can upload content from your computer to update a file.
Doing this to an item you've locked updates the content and removes the lock at the same time. You can also do this to an unlocked content item to update it without first downloading it to your computer.
  1. In a site library find the item you want to update.

    Note: The I'm Editing view shows the items locked by you for editing.
  2. Hover over the item and click More then Upload New Version.
  3. Click Select files to upload on the Update File dialog box.
  4. Find and select the file that you want to upload from your computer.

    Note: If you select a file with a different name or file type then this will be shown. You can continue as in the next step, cancel, or select a different file to upload. If you continue then the uploaded file name and/or file type will be used.
  5. Indicate if the revision is minor or major.
  6. In the Comments box, add any information that is relevant to the update.
  7. Click Upload.
  8. When the progress bar shows that the upload is complete, click OK.

    Updating a locked item unlocks it and removes the item from the I'm Editing view.