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Using Alfresco One (Enterprise) (Optional)

By default the Alfresco SDK will use Alfresco Community Edition artifacts but it can be configured to use Alfresco One (Enterprise) artifacts. This requires access credentials for the Alfresco Private Repository, and modification of several Maven configuration files.
Important: To obtain access to the Alfresco One repository located here, refer to this knowledge base article. If you do not have access to this portal then contact your Alfresco technical representative within your company, or Alfresco directly.

Accessing the Alfresco Private Repository

The first matter to consider is to ensure that you have credentials for the Alfresco Private Repository, where the Alfresco One artifacts are stored. In fact the private repository also includes all public artifacts too. Once you have suitable credentials you need to add support for Alfresco private repository to your configuration. This would typically be done by adding your access credentials to the settings.xml contained in your ~/.m2 directory (for Linux and OS X). On Windows 7 and Vista this resolves to <root>\Users\<username> and on XP it is <root>\Documents and Settings\<username>\.m2.

This procedure is explained in detail in the tutorial Configuring access to the Alfresco Private Repository.