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Managing site members

Site users can easily see who else is a member of the site, and site managers can edit user roles and remove a user from the site.

Enter a site and click Site Members to view or search for members of the site.

Use this page to search for a site member or view a list of all members. A site manager can add users, edit user roles, and remove site members from here.
Use this page to search for a site group or view a list of all groups. A site manager can add groups to the site, change a group's role, and remove a site group from here.
Pending Invites
Use this page to view users who have been invited to join the site. You can cancel invitations here. Only site managers see the Pending Invites page.
Note: From Alfresco One version 5.1 or later, invites are only sent if your Alfresco Administrator has specifically configured this option. Unless they have then users can access a site as soon as they are added by a Site Manager.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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