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Aikau Clients

An Aikau Client uses ready made content widgets to display content from the Alfresco Repository.
Information Aikau Clients
Support Status Full Support
Architecture Information Platform Integration Architecture
Description The Alfresco Share web client is often customized heavily in bigger projects. Sometimes it might actually make sense to start from scratch with a brand new web client. However, there is usually a lot of functionality in Share that we actually want in our web client. So is there a way we can somehow re-use what has been built for Share in a new custom web client? Yes, there is.

By using the Aikau development framework, and its getting started project, we can quickly get going with building a new web client for Alfresco and at the same time re-use any functionality in the Share UI that we need.

The Aikau widget library will give you access to ready made components that can be used in the new web client, here is a list of some of the components that we will be able to use:

  • AJAX calls
  • Buttons
  • Charts
  • Dialogs
  • Document Library (CRUD, Views, Lists, Filters, Actions)
  • Drag & Drop
  • Editors
  • Event management
  • Forms including many controls
  • Layouts
  • Menus
  • Navigation
  • Pickers
  • Preview
  • Renderers
  • Search
  • Toolbars
  • Upload
For a complete list of all the available Aikau widgets and service see the docs.
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