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Adding, removing, and discovering aspects

To add and remove aspects to an existing object, you must cast OpenCMIS Document objects to AlfrescoDocument objects and Folder objects to AlfrescoFolder objects.

These two classes provide the following additional methods:

Methods for checking if an aspect is applied:

boolean hasAspect(String id);
boolean hasAspect(ObjectType type);

A method to retrieve the currently applied aspects:

Collection<ObjectType> getAspects();

A method to find the aspect type for a given property id

ObjectType findAspect(String propertyId);

Methods to add and remove aspects

void addAspect(String... id);
void addAspect(ObjectType... type);
void removeAspect(String... id);
void removeAspect(ObjectType... type);

The following code fragment adds an aspect to an existing object, and checks if the object has a second aspect to apply:

private static final String SECONDARY_OBJECT_TYPE_IDS_PROP_NAME = "cmis:secondaryObjectTypeIds";

public void addAspectToExistingDocument(Document document) {
        String aspectName = "P:cm:effectivity";
        // Make sure we have a document, and then add the aspect to it  
        if (document != null) {
            // Check that document doesn't already have the aspect applied
            List<Object> aspects = 
            if (!aspects.contains(aspectName)) {
                Map<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<String, Object>();
                properties.put(SECONDARY_OBJECT_TYPE_IDS_PROP_NAME, aspects);
                properties.put("cm:from", new Date());
                Calendar toDate = Calendar.getInstance();
                toDate.add(Calendar.MONTH, 2);
                properties.put("cm:to", toDate.getTime());
                Document updatedDocument = (Document) document.updateProperties(properties);
      "Added aspect " + aspectName + " to " + getDocumentPath(updatedDocument));
            } else {
      "Aspect " + aspectName + " is already applied to " + 
        } else {
            logger.error("Document is null, cannot add aspect to it!");

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