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As a developer, the REST API gives you control on how much of a returned collection you want to receive.

The collection returned by a simple request can contain a large number of entities. You can control the size of the list using pagination. So for example if a node with an id of e8680e58-0701-4b64-950d-66cce277fbc7 has 100 comments the following request will return a list of 100 entities:


You can get just the first 10 items using the maxItems parameter:


You can then get the second page of 10 items using the skipCount parameter:


A returned list object will always contain a pagination object which has the following properties:

An integer describing how many entities exist in the collection before those included in this list.
The maxItems parameter used to generate this list, or if there was no maxItems parameter the default value, 10.
The number of objects in the entries array.
A boolean value which is true if there are more entities in the collection beyond those in this response. A true value means request with a larger value for the skipCount or the maxItems parameter will return more entities.
An integer describing the total number of entities in the collection. The API might not be able to determine this value, in which case this property will not be present.

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