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Filtering properties

You might only be interested in a subset of properties in a returned entity. You can use the properties parameter to restrict the returned properties.

The properties parameter is a comma-separated list of property names:-

For example if you invoked the following API method using the HTTP GET method:
Alfresco Content Services returns a list of site objects each with four properties; id, title, visibility, description. Your application might only interested in say two properties, title and description. You can filter the returned site objects like this:
The collection returned will look like this:
  "list" : {
    "pagination" : {
      "count" : 2,
      "hasMoreItems" : false,
      "totalItems" : 2,
      "skipCount" : 0,
      "maxItems" : 100
    "entries" : [ {
      "entry" : {
        "title" : "Test Site",
        "description" : "A site for testing"
    }, {
      "entry" : {
        "title" : "Fred Bloggs's Home",
        "description" : "Fred Blogs's private home site."
    } ]

Each entry in the list is a site object filtered to include just the title and description properties.

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