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Setting profile availability

When you create a new mobile profile it's available to all of your users by default.

You can add evaluators to a profile and configure it so that the profile is only available for specified users.

Note: This feature is based on user name and not user groups.
The evaluator is isUser and is added directly to the profile that you want to restrict availability for. In the example below the profile is only available to members of the Sales Team.
"profiles":  {
      "label-id": "Sales",
      "description-id": "Sales Dashboard",
      "root-view-id": "views-menu-sales"
      "evaluator": "isSalesUser"

In the configuration file you specify the users the evaluator applies to.

"evaluators": {
    "isSalesUser": {
      "type": "org.alfresco.client.evaluator.isUser",
      "params": {
        "users": [

Only users that you specify will have the profile available in Alfresco Mobile.

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