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Deploying with Helm charts using Minikube

Use this information to deploy Alfresco Content Services using Helm charts by running a Kubernetes cluster locally via Minikube. Note that Minikube is only useful for test purposes and is not supported.

Here is a summary of the steps required:

  1. Start the Minikube VM and initialize Helm.
  2. Add the Alfresco incubator or stable repository to your local Helm.
  3. Install the ingress service.
  4. Deploy Alfresco Content Services using Helm charts. You have the option to either:
    • use the alfresco-incubator or alfresco-stable chart (provided with default settings)
    • modify the project and use it to run your modified source files
  5. Check the status of your deployment.

See the Alfresco/acs-deployment GitHub project documentation for the prerequisites and detailed setup: Deploying with Helm charts using Minikube

In this project, you can use the Helm charts following the documentation for standard installations, or customize the charts to apply settings as appropriate to your specific deployment environment.

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