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User dashboard

Wherever you are in Alfresco, you can click Home or User Dashboard on your user menu to go to your dashboard.

The dashlets on this page give you a simple and up-to-date overview of what's been going on in the sites you're a member of.

Important: The information on your dashboard is specific to the currently selected network.

You can customize your dashboard to display the information that interests you. Each dashlet you select is displayed on the dashboard. The available dashlets are:

My Sites
Displays the sites that you belong to
My Activities
Tracks the most recent activities in your sites
My Tasks
Displays your tasks
My Documents
Tracks your content in all site libraries
My Profile
Displays a summary of your personal details
My Calendar
Displays upcoming events scheduled for your sites
Content I'm Editing
Displays the last three library items, blog posts (drafts, not published posts), wiki pages, and discussion forum posts that you edited
My Discussions
Displays the most recent topics created in the discussion forums of all sites you belong to

To resize a dashlet click and drag on the bottom edge of the dashlet until it's the height you want. This is saved between Alfresco sessions.

Tip: If you hover over a dashlet header then a Add Event icon icon appears. Click it for an explanation of what the dashlet does. This stays open until you close it or navigate away from the dashboard.

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