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Your task list

Clicking Tasks on the Alfresco toolbar opens the My Tasks page which lists all tasks assigned to you. You can create, view and edit tasks from here.
Tip: You can also access the My Tasks page from the My Tasks dashlet: click Active Tasks or Completed Tasks.
The task summary includes:
  • task name
  • due date
  • current status of the task
  • task type
  • description
  • task creator
  • priority (displayed as an icon that indicates the task is of high, medium, or low priority)

When you have more tasks than fit on one page, use the navigation links to get around:

  • Click a page number to display a specific page. The number in bold lets you know where you are.
  • Use the previous (<<) and next (>>) links to move forward and backward through the pages.

Use the filters in the browsing pane to view a specific set of tasks. You can display tasks by due date, priority, and assignee.

Click Create Task to start a new task. You can assign this to yourself or another user.

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