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Managing tasks

Tasks help you keep track of the things you need to do. You can create a standalone task, or you can attach a piece of content to it.

A task is created for specific actions that need to be done, such as a document review. Each task can be assigned to one or more people. Task creators can select to automatically send a notification email to users that are assigned a task, but whether an email is sent or not the task will be visible in the users My Tasks dashlet.

Once you've completed a task you can set it to complete and it'll be removed from your task list.

Tasks can also be generated as part of an Alfresco One workflow in which case you will be working with synced content. Items synced as part of a workflow display the Synced synced icon and the Belongs to Workflow workflow icon. Manage these tasks as you would any other; once you complete the task then synced content may be removed from the Document Library, depending on the workflow settings.

Use the My Tasks page to view and manage your tasks which you can access from the toolbar or the My Tasks dashlet.

You can create tasks from a number of places:

  • Hover over an item in the library and click More then Create Task
  • Click Tasks on the toolbar, then click Create Task
  • Click Create Task on the My Tasks dashlet

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