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Managing sites

The Sites Manager is used for maintaining Alfresco sites. You have control over the visibility of all Alfresco sites as well as deleting sites or making yourself a site manager.
Note: Only users who've been assigned Network Administrator permissions (speak to Alfresco Support for further details) on an Alfresco in the Cloud Enterprise Subscription account have access this feature.

If you've have the necessary permissions then you'll have an additional Sites Manager option on the Alfresco toolbar.

The Sites Manager displays the names and status of created sites, regardless of their visibility setting. You can use the Visibility menu to change the visibility of any site, for example, change the site visibility to either Public, Moderated, or Private. Any visibility change you make to a site is made immediately.

With the Actions menu, there are two options:
  • Delete Site
  • Become Site Manager

You can delete any of the sites in the Site Manager list by selecting Delete Site from the Actions menu. This action deletes all site details and content.

The I'm a Site Manager column shows the sites where you have the Site Manager permission. If you aren't already a manager of a site, then select Become Site Manager from the Actions menu.

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