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Alfresco toolbar

The Alfresco toolbar is designed to help you to navigate Alfresco and to quickly find, create, and share content.

It's always available at the top of the page, wherever you are in Alfresco.

Opens your user dashboard (or any screen that you have selected to be your home page).
Opens the My Tasks page where you can manage your tasks.
Options to open a recent or favorite site, create a site, view all the sites you're a member of, or open the Site Finder page where you can search for sites and manage your site membership.
Opens the People Finder page where you search for other users.
User menu
Click on your name to open the user menu. You can access your user profile, change your password, open the user help, and log out.
Network menu
Click on your network to view and select other networks. You have a main Home network, and can be invited to sites in other networks. The toolbar displays your current network.
Use the search box to find files, sites, and people.

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