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Customizing the site dashboard

A site's dashboard displays all information and activities associated with the site. You can customize the site dashboard just the same as you did with your user dashboard.
  1. In a site click Customize Dashboard icon then Customize Dashboard to start customizing the site dashboard.
  2. To change the dashboard layout:
    1. Click Change Layout.
    2. Select a layout.
  3. To select your dashlets:
    1. Click Add Dashlets.

      Note: Notice how the dashlets differ to those available for your user dashboard - the user dashlets help you to configure what you want to see such as activity on sites that you're a member of, whereas the site dashlets are designed to help with team collaboration.
    2. Drag and drop dashlets from the Add Dashlets section onto the columns below.

      Note: You can drag and drop dashlets around the columns to change the display order, or to the trash can to remove them. You can also select it and press DELETE.
  4. Click OK to save the dashboard layout.

    Tip: On your dashboard you can resize dashlets - just click on the bottom of a dashlet then drag up and down to resize it.
This video shows you how to customize a site dashboard.

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