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Inviting people to a site

You can invite existing Alfresco users or those who've not yet joined Alfresco to join your site.

You can easily collaborate with people outside your organization (your home network) by sending an invitation. Site members outside your network are referred to as an external users.

External users can only see the sites they are invited to. So you can safely create public sites that only your network users can access. External users will never see this information, even when the sites are public.

  1. Click Invite to Site in the site you want to invite people to, or click Invite to Site in the Site Members dashlet.

    Important: You must be a manager to send invitations.
  2. Enter the emails of the people you want to invite.

    You can invite any number of people. Your list can include people with and without Alfresco accounts. Enter a name or a valid email address to add invitees.

    Tip: As you type, Alfresco gives suggestions for users already in your network. Select from this list to add users quickly.

    For security reasons email addresses that begin "guest@" or "admin@" can't be invited.

  3. Select a role for these users.

    Note: Each person invited will have the same role. To assign a different role to someone, send that invitation separately. You can change the user roles once the invitees become site members.
  4. If you want write a message to include in the email invitation.
  5. Click Invite.
Each person will receive an email invitation, which they can accept or decline.
This video shows you how to invite people to join a project site in Alfresco.

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