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Switching between networks

The network menu displays your currently selected Alfresco network.
A network is a group of users and sites that belong to an organization. Networks are organized by email domain. When you sign up for an Alfresco account, your email domain becomes your Home Network. If the network already exists for your domain, you're added to it. If the network does not exist, it's created. Colleagues with the same domain are instantly connected to each other when they sign up for an Alfresco account.

You may be invited to join a site in a different network, so you can collaborate with people outside your organization. When you accept the invitation, that network is added in this menu as an Invited Network. You can easily switch between the networks in this list. You are considered an external user in an invited network and only have access to the sites you have been invited to. Similarly, you have the option of inviting external users to join a site in your network.

  1. Open the network menu.
  2. Click a network in this list to switch to it.

    You have a user dashboard in every network that you belong to, even when you are an invited guest. Just like in your home network, you can customize the dashboard.

This video shows you how to switch between networks in Alfresco.

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