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Accessing Alfresco content outside Alfresco

You can use WebDAV to access Alfresco content without running Alfresco in a web browser. This lets you edit and manage Alfresco content as if it's on your machine.
  1. Connect your computer to Alfresco: You can do this in different ways:
    1. Map a network drive from Alfresco to your Windows machine.
    2. Use the Connect to Server feature on the Mac OS X.
    3. Install and configure third party file transfer software to access Alfresco. You can choose from a number of different products, such as WebDrive and Cyberduck.
  2. When you're asked for login details, enter your Alfresco username and password. The username is the email address you used to sign up for your account.
  3. When you're connected, you can browse, add, and open content from the site libraries. Do this using your computer's file management system (such as Windows Explorer or Apple's Finder) or a third party WebDAV client.

    The site list includes the sites you belong to and public sites. Even though you can see a site, you might not have permission to work with the site content.

    Content that you add to Alfresco this way is versioned and counted against your quota. Changes you make to content (uploads, edits, and deletions) appear in activity feeds.

    You can't move content from one network directly to another network over WebDAV. You can, however, copy content from one network to your local drive, then upload that content to a different network.

    Tip: Take advantage of available apps, such as Pages from Apple, that let you store and retrieve documents over WebDAV on your iPad.

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