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Installing Google Docs integration manually

These steps show you how to install Google Docs integration.
Install Google Docs integration manually by applying two AMP files to an existing Alfresco installation.
alfresco-googledocs-repo-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp This AMP contains the Google Docs functionality that is applied to the core Alfresco repository. The AMP should be applied to the tomcat/webapps/alfresco directory.
alfresco-googledocs-share-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp This AMP file contains the additional Google Docs functionality that is applied to an existing Alfresco Share user interface. The AMP should be applied to the tomcat/webapps/share directory.
  1. Browse to the Support Portal, and download the following files:
    • alfresco-googledocs-repo-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp
    • alfresco-googledocs-share-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp
  2. Change into the root of the Alfresco installation directory. Directories specified in the following procedures are relative to this directory.
  3. Move the alfresco-googledocs-repo-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp file to the amps directory.
  4. Move the alfresco-googledocs-share-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp file to the amps_share directory.
  5. Stop the Alfresco server.
  6. Delete the tomcat\webapps\alfresco and tomcat\webapps\share folders in the Alfresco installation directory.
  7. Use the Module Management Tool (MMT) to install the AMPs.

    java -jar <installLocation>\bin\alfresco-mmt.jar install <installLocation>\amps\alfresco-googledocs-repo-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp <installLocation>\tomcat\webapps\alfresco.war

    java -jar <installLocation>\bin\alfresco-mmt.jar install <installLocation>\amps-share\alfresco-googledocs-share-3.0.2-69ent-5.0.amp <installLocation>\tomcat\webapps\share.war

    If your Alfresco installation is running within the Tomcat application server, alternatively, you can use the <installLocation>\bin\apply_amps command to apply all AMP files that are located in both the amps and amps_share directories.

    Install the both of the Google Docs AMPs at the same time using the apply_amps command.

    • Linux: bin/
    • Windows: bin\apply_amps.bat

    The apply_amps command checks the version of Alfresco so that you install the relevant AMP package to the correct Alfresco version.

  8. Start the Alfresco server.

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