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Local files

Content that’s stored on your device is listed in the Local Files folder.

Local files can be files downloaded to store locally or they can be sent to Alfresco Content Services. All local files can be accessed when you're offline. You can:

Open inOpen in...: Choose a compatible app on your device to open a file in. When you’ve edited the file some apps let you Save Back straight to Alfresco Content Services, with others you need to save to your device and then upload.
Note: If the file you’re trying to open doesn’t have a file extension, you’ll see No Applications Available.

EmailEmail: Open an new draft email with the file attached.

PrintPrint: Print the file to a compatible printer.

RenameRename: Rename the file.

DeleteDelete: Delete the file or folder from the site.

You can tap Original Properties to view the file properties at the point it was downloaded. Any changes to the properties aren’t reflected here.

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