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With this app you can connect to as many of your Alfresco Content Services accounts as you want.

Alfresco Content Services is device-specific, so you can connect to different accounts using different devices.

Tap the Add account account icon (or your profile picture) to list your accounts. You can add a new account, switch to another account, and manage your accounts.

  • Create: Tap + to add a new account, see Set up multiple accounts.

  • Switch: If you have multiple accounts set up, the currently selected account shows Account Selected. Tap Account Unselected next to another account to switch to that account.

  • Edit: Tap on an account name to edit the account details, see Alfresco account settings.

  • Delete: To delete an account tap the account and swipe to the left to show a Delete button. Tap this to delete the account.

    Note: The account is not permanently deleted, the connection is just removed from your Alfresco Content Services app on this device. You can't delete the account that you're currently using unless you've deleted all other accounts.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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