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Menu options

When you start up the app you’ll see a list of options including choosing a site, searching for content, and viewing site activity. Some options are only available for connections to the latest version of Alfresco Content Services.

You can show and hide the menu by swiping right on an iPhone, or by pulling the left edge of the screen on an iPad.

Note: You can choose which items are shown here in the Account settings. Your administrator can also customize menus, so you may find that some of the tabs aren't available, or that the menu is already pre-configured.

The available options are:

Switch between or manage accounts.
Activities Activities
View a list of recent activities in your sites.
View a directory tree of your sites, folders, and files, and easily navigate to your files.
Shared Files Shared Files
View content that’s shared in Alfresco Content Services but not added to a site.
Sites Sites
Choose the site that you want to view content on.
My Files My Files
View your private content. Only you can access this area.
Tasks Tasks
View your tasks and create new tasks for yourself or others.
Favorites Favorites
View content that you've favorited.
Favorites Synced Content
View content synced to your device.
Search for content.
Local Files Local Files
View content stored on your device.
Settings Settings
Open Settings.
Help Help
Get help.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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