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Sync content

You can sync any file or folder in Alfresco Content Services to your device.

You can see and work with your synced content when you’re offline.

Tap Sync when you're previewing a file or folder to sync it.

Tap Sync when you're previewing a file or folder to sync it.

Tap Synced Content to access all your synced content, whether you're online or offline.
Note: Previously synced content was based on your Favorites.

Content that was previously synced because it was favorited is still available in Synced Content. Any files or folders that you favorite from now on will be available in Favorites, but not in Synced Content.

When you’re online, your synced content will automatically sync to your device. This means that this content is always up to date.

If you’re working offline or if you can’t connect to your Alfresco Content Services account, you’ll still be able to see your synced content. If you edit a synced file or folder while you’re offline, the next time you go back online the changes you’ve made will be synced.


In the Settings you can switch Data Usage on and off.

In the Settings you can switch Use Data for Sync on and off.

If you have it switched on then content will sync automatically, and your data usage may be affected. If you want to reduce your data usage then turn it off. Your synced content will only be synced when you refresh it in the Synced Content folder.

You can unsync content by tapping Unsync.

You can unsync content by tapping Unsync.

Note: If the Synced Content folder displays a warning, then one or more of your synced files have been moved or deleted from Alfresco Content Services. You can select to Resolve Conflicts and create a local copy of the file.

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