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Working with content

Tap on a file in the files list to preview it.

As well as the preview, you’ll have some or all of the following actions available, depending on your permissions:

Note: Tap Folder information to see folder details.

SyncSync: Sync a file or folder to your device so you can view it when you're offline. Tap again to unsync.

FavoriteFavorite: Mark a file or folder as a favorite. You can quickly find favorites when you tap FavoriteFavorites. Tap again to unfavorite.

LikeLike: Like or approve a file or folder.

LikeReview: Set up a review for a file and assign it as a task to other users. See Tasks.

CommentsComments: View existing comments and add your own.

EditEdit: Available for text files, you can open them up directly and make changes before selecting to Save or Discard Changes.

UpdateUpdate: Select a new version of a file from your Local Files, choose if there are major changes or not (this affects the version number), and add comments (optional).

Open inOpen in...: Choose a compatible app on your device to open a file in. When you’ve edited the file some apps let you Save Back straight to Alfresco Content Services, with others you need to save to your device and then upload.
Note: If the file you’re trying to open doesn’t have a file extension, you’ll see No Applications Available.

EmailEmail: Open an new draft email with the file attached.

PrintPrint: Print the file to a compatible printer.

DownloadDownload: Download a copy of the file for offline viewing. The file is available in Alfresco Content Services Local Files.

DeleteDelete: Delete the file or folder from the site.

Add FolderAdd Folder: Add a new folder within the currently selected folder.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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