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Alfresco Content Services mobile app FAQs

If you have any issues then try these suggestions to resolve them.

I can’t connect to Alfresco Content Services or Alfresco Community Edition

Check that you’re using the right login email address and that your password matches the login email.

Test the connection from a browser by typing your Alfresco Content Services address in a browser window, for example http(s)://hostname:port/alfresco.

Check the Advanced account settings:
  • Port: The port number is selected automatically, but your company may be using a different number. Ask your administrator if you need to use a different port number.
  • Service Document: Alfresco Content Services mobile app is set up with the default service document string. Ask your administrator if your company uses a different string.
  • Client Certificate: Alfresco Content Services mobile app doesn’t use a client certificate by default. Ask your administrator if your company account requires client certification. If needed you can tap Client Certificate, then Import Client Certificate, and choose a previously downloaded certificate from your Alfresco Content Services Local Files.
Note: You can also use the Retry with Diagnostic option which will test the connection for you and indicate what the issue is.
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Can I connect to MobileIron or AirWatch?

Alfresco Content Services fully supports Mobile Device Management services such as MobileIron and AirWatch.

You can download the artifacts needed to deploy to your chosen MDM solution from the Alfresco Support portal.

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Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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